CSDL - The Cyber Security Driving License by Codatna

Welcome to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation! At Codatna Cyber, we believe in going beyond traditional approaches to safeguard your digital assets. By combining the power of human psychology and awarness with advanced technology, we have crafted a game-changing cybersecurity accountability and governance solution. Our mission is clear: to mitigate the root causes of 90% of cyber attacks and empower businesses to thrive in a secure digital landscape.

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Security Culture

How Codatna Cyber CSDL Works

Unlock the power of human psychology, human awarness, and advanced technology in cybersecurity.

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Human Psychology

Unlock the potential of human psychology to address Human Irresponsible Cyber Security Behavior (HICSB). We utilize scientifically proven psychological theories for accountability and motivation, applying them to the cyber realm for effective threat mitigation.

Advanced Technology Integration

Leverage cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic cybersecurity governance framework.

Human-Centric Cybersecurity Awareness

Ensure the resilience of your organization by fostering a human-centric cybersecurity awareness culture. We force your employees to receive continuous education to empower them as a proactive line of defense against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

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Proudly, Codatna Cyber is part of prestigious cyber communities, propelling innovation and success.

Cyber Runway
Microsoft For Startup
University of Gloucestershire

Become a CSDL Certification Partner!

Empower your cybersecurity training and certification programs by joining our CSDL Certification Network. Provide fast-track eligibility for your certificate holders and awareness trainees.

To apply or inquire about becoming a CSDL Certification Partner, please contact us at:

Email: info@codatna.com


Our Pricing Plan

Select from our flexible pricing plans tailored to meet various business requirements.

£9.99 /user/month
  • Up to 10 Ordinary Licenses
  • 1x Enforcement Employee
  • 1x Super Admin
  • CSDL Certification Partner Discount
  • Suitable for micro businesses and charities
£12.99 /user/month
  • Up to 50 Ordinary & Expert Licenses
  • 5x Enforcement Employees
  • 2x Super Admins
  • CSDL Certification Partner Discount
  • 24/7 Support
  • Suitable for SMEs
£899 /month
  • Unlimited Ordinary & Expert Licenses
  • Unlimited Enforcement Employees
  • Unlimited Super Admins
  • CSDL Certification Partner Discount
  • 24/7 Support
  • Suitable for large enterprises and government organizations

Are You An Individual And Want To Obtain Cyber Security Driving Licence CSDL?

Enhance your cybersecurity skill recognition by acquiring a transferrable Ordinary or Expert Cyber Security Driving Licence (CSDL) for as low as £9.99. Simply upload the certificates you already possess to secure your license.

Indivisual CSDL Holder

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If you have any questions, just fill in the contact form, and we will answer you shortly.

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