Codatna CSDL Framework

Born from an MSc in Cyber Security Dissertation at the University of Gloucestershire, Codatna's CSDL Framework is inspired by the "General Deterrence Theory." The same theory inspired the addressing of vehicles' drivers' irresponsible behaviour in the traditional national driving license for vehicles, and we've adapted it to combat Human Irresponsible Cyber Security Behavior (HICSB). This unique framework merges psychology and cybersecurity, promoting responsible practices in the digital realm that evolve from academic research to real-world impact.

CSDL Framework

Our Journey

Explore the significant milestones that paved the way for Codatna
Cyber Security Driving License official launch!

To address the root cause of 90% of cyberattacks, the R&D process for a blockchain-based national cyber security solution started as an MSc Cyber Security dissertation topic at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, UK.
Officially a member of the Cyber Runway, where the innovative idea greatly delighted the programme's judges, and the workshops started to commercialise the research with the support of Plexal and its sponsors.
First MVP Deployed on Blockchain Web 3.0
Effectiveness and Efficiency Testing & Evaluation
Officially a member of Microsoft for Startup Founder Hub
Rebuilding the MVP for Web 2.0 and conducting further E&E testing and assessment are being undertaken.
During the Cyber Runway Live Ceremony, there was the official launch of the Codatna Cyber Security Driving License.

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